Naked In Public comments (from multiple sources)



From Liberty Devitto, Drummer for Billy Joel: 

“I love (Being) Naked in public !!!! FUN FUN FUN !!!!!”

From 'Brian'
WCNI Music Director:

Hi Doug -
We got your new CD and it was added with a great review. Your blend
of humor, do-it-yourself attitude and power pop was very catchy - the
songs really grew on me. "Feel Much Better Now", "Stop, Drop and
Roll"and I" Wish you'd stop" were standouts for me but the whole disc
has a nice sound. There are lots of fans of this sort of music here
at WCNI so I think it will get some nice airtime.

This is the actual review I wrote for your CD:

"Power pop with a quirky,

honest and witty touch of humor style.  The songs and delivery have a

do it yourself ethic with lots of hooks and just the right amount or

guitar kick.  The music is very catchy and highly recommended."

It also got a top add this week.

Thank you for sharing your music with us here on the East Coast.

Nicole Vilencia, ‘on air’ radio personality for KOOL 103.5 FM Medford , Oregon:

 “What I love is that your lyrics and attitudes are all very silly....and there is not enough silly in the world. As a music lover, I find your sounds to be groovy (baby) and I tremendously enjoyed the dynamic between you and your guitarist on stage.”

“The music is fun, the songs are entertaining and the level of musicianship is top notch. Looking forward to catching you again sometime.“

“As I've listened to the cd today....there is something in it reminiscent of the vibe of surf music, the theatrics of Queen, the silliness of the B-52’s with a dash of tongue in cheek Dire Straits-esque wisdom. I like it.”

From: Todd Barton, resident composer, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Hi Doug,

I've had a chance to hear all of your tracks.  What fun!

It's like Cat Stevens meets Weird Al and Yes all inside

Doug's cool imagination!  Way fun!! 

Fan comments: (Glenn from Sierra Madre, CA.)

Thanks for the CD.  I love Gray Haired Lady and Brand New Ending, The record reminds me a bit of the band "Cake"...and some of the lyrics have a Zappa-esque  quality about them. Anyway, I just wanted to say I like it. It’s lyrically playful and tight beats. Nice drumming very coordinated with tight bass. Your voice is perfect for the tunes.

Comments from song placement service, Taxi: Doug,
I'm really glad to have had the chance to give these tracks a listen. Your attention to detail, your creative spirit, and your sense of humor all come across here. The musicianship is consistently high.  

You've got some great hooky bass line ideas! Also, the bass tone is fantastic- every note is crystal clear and nice and punchy. You have a strong sense of melody and know how to create an effective sectional distinction- keep that up! Lyrically, you use some colorful and creative imagery. The lighthearted vibe of the words is part of what give the songs a bit of a Power Pop quality, in my opinion. (critique from Taxi)

From Ken Bailey, Westfield Recording Company:  Your lyrics are completely unique! "NIP is taking a new tack, new territory I've not seen before. It needed to be done. What a band!  You are kind of like a more relatable version of Frank Zappa, really well played music that NOBODY else is even coming close to doing."


Fan comment: (Jens from Germany):

I’m just listening to track 12 ‘stop, drop and roll’, still not bored or anything like that, and I’m sure that your album will play a big role in my ‘driving around with my quattro having open windows and letting the warm winds of the summer touch my skin while listining to great music’-attitude! I’m not very surprised … I like your album very much.. 

You incorporate so many styles of music that I like so naturally …In special:

Track 3 Don’t Laugh: the noisy Pixies guitar-riffs – great . 

Track 4: Feel Much Better Now:  a true RHCP competition – great flexibility – very funky – first – than the refrain brought the Bloodhound Gang to my mind – again back to rhcp – Great song!…

Track 5 – Grey Haired lady – cool & groovy ☺

Track 7 Hey Sheryl:  purely great High in the Sky Indipendent-Rock’n’Roll  (one of my favorites)

Overall, great singer, great musicians. I’m also able to understand the music text. 

And I like the cover – it’s pure – freaky – no cosmetic – and I like the way you laugh on it.

From Douglas Wood, writer/consultant/filmmaker: 

I've now had a chance to listen to all of your songs.  First of all, I have to say, it was lot of fun to check out your work.  The songs are very clever, infectious and highly original.  I hope someday to catch a live performance.  

 One of the things that makes your music so great is that the songs are actually ABOUT something and you have a very specific slant on things.  

From  Douglas Scott, podcaster @ DSGO

"Up next is musical funnyman and my gentle namesake, Doug Fergus.  He roams about with black bars over his naughty bits as he performs as naked in public. May his songs ever be played in airport bars."

From Jake @Roctober Magazine

Odd quirk-rock truthtelling through poppy songs that sound like weirdo novelty rock but are really life lessons that are actually funnier than real novelty rock."