Lucky Doug and the Stinkbugs

Lucky Doug and the Stinkbugs was born in 2013.


The project was created by Doug Fergus and multi gold and platinum producer Sylvia Massy, (Red Hot Chile Peppers, Tool, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Prince, etc) 

We chose to push the boundaries of Children’s music, have some fun and be adventurous and bold instrumentally and lyrically. 

 Here's what the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) says about Lucky Doug and the Stinkbugs: (They gave us a BRONZE award!)

Music CD: quirky, energetic, fun, witty- for kids and parents age 5 and up.

Why we like it: Lucky Doug and the Stinkbugs is filled with upbeat instrumentals that will have young ones dancing to every beat. The funky tunes are catchy. 

Ages: 5 and up including parents!Lucky-Doug-and-the-Stinkbugs-by-Silly-Reality-Music/cpt1/5522e7ec0cf215f35a446b4a

Comments from various industry people: 

“Great grooves, extraordinarily FUN lyrics and great topics!” Dawn A. | Bethesda, MD.

"I am listening to your record right now, I can tell you that as a past school teacher, you have definitely hit the nail on the head as far as Children’s music” - Marlow R. | Miami, FL

“Listening to your record right now, I love your vocal delivery and having a totally juvenile sense of humor! Kids will love this record!!” Edie C. | Boston

“The songs are GREAT! You cannot miss! Everyone kid in America will LOVE Lucky Doug!!” Eric Bergquist, owner of Raven West Guitars | Temple City, CA